Lawsuit filed over dropping home values in The Acreage

A class action lawsuit has just been filed by several residents against Pratt and Whitney.

They claim the company is responsible for issues associated with the cancer cluster.

"I'm just living a life of hell, because I didn't know nothing that was going on out here," said Edwin Reyes, who is named as a plaintiff.

Edwin Reyes of Loxahatchee is one of the people who have filed the suit.

Reyes and the others argue that Pratt and Whitney's operations in Palm Beach County have produced various kinds of hazardous wastes.

And the lawsuit claims that the waste has been collected in percolation ponds, buried, stored and incinerated on Pratt's property. The lawsuit continues.... It states there have been some toxic leaks and spills on the property as well.

Due to ground water movement and surface water run-off, the lawsuit says some of these contaminants have gone into the surrounding areas of the Acreage.

Reyes spoke with CBS 12 today. This is his point of view.....

"It's been going from the 70's. They've been dumping waste out here and people don't know about it. I didn't know that either. I bought this property and I was just shocked by all this stuff that's been dumped here for years."

The lawsuit doesn't say that any of the people who are suing have become ill, just that their property values have suffered.

Reyes lost his legs when he was the victim of a robbery and shooting in New York in 1983.

He bought his home in the acreage in 2005, paid a half-million dollars for it, and now he says due to the contaminated ground water, the value of his property has taken a nosedive.

And he blames Pratt and Whitney for that.

"It's not fair. Why do I have to pay for somebody else's problems? Why do I have to be punished for somebody else's mistakes? It's not fair."

The lawsuit does not specify how much money they are seeking.

We just got a statement from Pratt and Whitney. It says in part:

"We at Pratt and Whitney have been residents of the Palm Beach community for over 50 years. We have put in place a comprehensive environmental health and safety package that protects the environment, our employees and others in the surrounding community. We also maintain an external groundwater monitoring system."