Not Pot

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - A new form of incense being sold looks like pot, and, some say, it even has the same effects as pot. But unlike the real deal, it's still completely legal.

"It's got same effects as marijuana maybe even last a little bit longer sometimes. More intense high, so you're going to have the same impairment in kids and adults."

An undercover drug agent recently came across a man making and selling the so-called incense online.

He says the man would soak a leafy plant called 'Damiana' in some chemicals to come up with his final product. "You can roll it in a joint. Put it in a cigar; vaporize it."

We found some of the spice for sale online, and at some smoke shops and incense stores. Employees say they have every right no sell it, even to minors, since it's completely legal.

"When it leaves my store, it's an incense, and what people use it for after it leaves my store that is their business"

"If we are going to talk about banning this incense, I think, it's appropriate to talk about banning energy drinks or banning caffeine."

And while the warning on the packages specifically say, not for human consumption, drug agents say, people smoke the product to get high.

"The impairment end of it worries me, not to mention the chemical aspects of it. There's not been enough studies done on it by anybody to know what the long lasting effects would be on anybody"

Kansas and Missouri are both close to banning the sale of the so-called synthetic pot. We could not find any similar legislation in the works in Florida.