Ft. Pierce boys stumble across two bodies

FORT PIERCE, FL (WFLX) - Few answers in Fort Pierce where neighborhood children stumbled across a gruesome discovery. Investigators say the boys found two dead bodies behind an abandoned home.

They say the neighborhood boys found the lifeless man and woman face down at around 2 p.m. Sunday in Orange Blossom Estates.

Grief counselors were brought in to talk with the boys who made the discovery.

"I don't understand how this could happen," said one neighborhood girl. "Why people would do anything like this."

Garry Wilson, with the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office, said, "They haven't been here that long. I don't know the exact time, but they haven't been here that long."

Deputies, canvassed the neighborhood, came up empty-handed. They tell us they didn't have any reports of suspicious vehicles in the area, so this case could end up being a tough one to solve.

A medical examiner will determine how the two died Monday.