H1N1 might be back

The Palm Beach County Health Department says we probably haven't seen the last of the H1N1 virus just yet.

The virus, also known as Swine flu, is back in the news today after the 13th person in Palm Beach County died from complications of the virus. The victim is a 32-year-old woman whose name was not released.

Several people we talked to tonight were surprised that H1N1 is still around. But infectious disease specialist David Dodson said it's not surprising to see several waves of a new ailment.

"History tells us when you have a novel virus.. There are three waves.. So that's something we're watching closely to see if there is a wave getting ready to start again," he said.

The first wave hit last spring.

The virus was new a nd everyone was told to wash their hands and wait for a vaccine.

Then the second wave hit in the fall.

"When the kids got back in school we saw another bump," he said.

Just before the traditional flu season, the Swine flu vaccines were distributed and 240,000 people in Palm Beach County got the shot or the nasal spray, according to the county Health Department.

Those that were innoculated are  protected.

But hundreds of thousands of people who did not get the shot, thinking this is the end of flu season.

Officials say it's not too late.

"The take home message is that if you are young and you haven't been vaccinated.. You should," he said.

Don't think of this virus like the regular flu, doctors say.

Swine flu has no season.

"It began in the spring.. the fall.. And it's still around today."