New TSA screening a show of hands

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX)-- Already saddled with TSA lines, checkpoints, and rules PBIA travelers we talked to didn't seem to mind the latest possible airport time-killer.

"That's fine, whatever keeps us safe," said one woman.

"I wouldn't mind that," said another.

Nationwide and here at home, TSA will now swab some passengers hands before and after they get through security checkpoints with new and improved Explosive Trace Detection Units.

"The ETD will be used in front of the checkpoint inside the checkpoint inside the gate areas it can be anywhere in the airport environment that's easy for us to be able to quickly access peoples hands to see if they've come in contact with explosives," said Lee Kair with the Transportation Security Administration.

The machine, typically used on bags to look for bomb residue, has now been made portable.

Palm Beach International Airport is expected to get some of the ETD's in 2 weeks.

This new push for explosive swabbing follows the December plot to blow up a jetliner by a man who had bomb-making materials hidden in his underwear.

TSA says the swabbing will be random.

"You can never have enough security not with the stuff we are facing today. You can never have enough security," said Traveller John Scara.

But despite yet another possible unexpected delay at the airport, passengers say a hand inspection is worth it.

"Sometimes safety costs time and money. We have to be safe. That's what we fight for, that's what we pay taxes for," said traveller Lenny Anderson.