Busted baring all on Delray beach

By Peter Schaller - email

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Some beach-goers rally on a Delray Beach. They want a part of the beach where they can expose themselves fully.

Police officers showed up to arrest one man involved with the rally. He's now speaking out about his arrest.

"They fear us. They think we're freaks," David Armstrong said.

Armstrong and a dozen other local nudists beared all two weeks ago on Delray Beach. "There's a bunch of us lying there, and we're doing a peace sign."

This group wants a spot on the beach where they can do all this legally; however, because of that display, Armstrong is facing indecent exposure charges.

Police came to get him Saturday night. "They had me turn around in front of the house, handcuffed me, and arrested me."

Delray Beach has a good reputation with these beach-goers. But, when it comes a clothing optional section on the beach, opinions are all over the board.

"As long as it's well marked and partitioned off, we're ok with that," said one Delray resident.

Another woman disagrees. "We walk the beach up and down. We don't come to a particular section, so the partitioning doesn't work from that standpoint."

These activists say they won't stop fighting for their local nude beach. Right now, they have to drive nearly an hour to get to one.

According to some, that's a good thing. "I say go to Miami."

There's some tough opposition building against any nude beach in Delray Beach. The vice mayor already went on the record saying he does not want any beach like this in their backyard.