New bikes found in trash at Walmart

After getting a tip from a viewer that Walmart was trashing brand-new bikes, we went over to see for ourselves.

We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw these two Dumpsters behind a Walmart in Lake Park, loaded with all sorts of bikes. Big bikes, small bikes. Bikes for adults, bikes for kids. Names like Schwinn and Huffy. One man and his friend who drove by couldn't believe it either.

"It's sad that they would rather throw it away than give it to people that actually needs stuff," said a man who would only give his first name, Ken.

While we were there, they decided to help themselves and take a few of the bikes.

"We're gonna get a couple of bikes and give 'em back to the community 'cause that's what needs to be done. That's what they should've done."

All of the bikes in the Dumpster are shiny, look like new, some still with the plastic wrapping on them. All of them just thrown away. It was impossible to count how many the store threw out, but we guess maybe a few dozen.

There is a mountain bike, a Mongoose. And it appears to be practically brand new. There's a scratch or two on it, but otherwise there's nothing wrong with it.

We did notice slight damage on some of the bikes, such as a bent rim. But nothing significant.

We decided to see what the store had to say..

A co-manager told us the bikes were damaged.

"That's all it is. Just broken, busted bikes. That's what they are. Are they brand new? No. Well, they're busted broken bikes that we got rid of. That's all."

Just a few minutes ago, Walmart called to tell us this is not their normal procedure.

a spokesperson said the bikes have since been pulled out and will be donated to the sheriff's office.

Walmart wants to thank that  viewer who brought this to its attention.