Two burned in arson fire

An explosion ripped through a house in West Palm Beach's south end Tuesday.  The two men, who were at home at the time, both suffered burns and were reported to be in critical condition.
"Scared the heck out of me," said Bill Sparks, who was working on a car at the service station right next door when he heard the blast.  "The windows were blown out, the screened in porch was blown out," said Sparks.

Police identified the victims as 21-year old Angel Deleon and 17-year old Bartolo Garcia.  The other two residents were not home at the time of the explosion.

Sparks and other neighbors said one of the men suffered more severe burns.

"Yeah bad shape," said Juan Mesa, who lives across the street and was working in his yard a the time.  Mesa was able to speak to the victims Spanish, before medics took them away.

Mesa says the two victims told him men in hoods came into the house, tied them up, then poured gasoline through the dwelling, prior to setting the fire and taking off.

Late Tuesday afternoon, a West Palm Beach Police spokesman would not confirm that account, only saying investigators were trying to determine the cause of the fire, and what happened before.  The spokesman did emphasize, however, this was not a random act.

"My guess would be somebody was angry at them for something," said Dianne Stanley, another neighbor.  "Not just a break in kind of thing."