Bogus stimulus check promises

By Tara Cardoso - bio | email

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Talk of free stimulus money being given out is drawing people to a local building, but is it for real?

We called the IRS, and there is no special stimulus this year for people to get back money from the government as of right now. So, if there is no money why does everyone think there is?

It's buyer beware. If a tax preparer is promising to get you money back that should be a red flag.

The IRS tells us if it's sounds suspicious, stay away. The reason is if you file a false return, the IRS will come after you.

Inside, no one wanted to talk, but there were handwritten signs on the wall claiming you are not elligible for this if you meet these conditions.

We looked up the Web site on the flyers,, and the Web site doesn't exist. The man behind the door at the end of the hallway wouldn't open it, and everyone coming out had a different story.

We finally got in to talk to the man behind the door. Pastor Orpha Maurival told us he's just helping people do their taxes. The pastor told us he's not an accountant, and, he says, he's not promising a stimulus. He says he's trying to do the community a service, helping people, and he's not charging anyone who is getting back less than $1,000.

But the IRS says if you suspect something funny going on in your neighborhood, file a complaint with them, so they can investigate.

We also called the Riviera Beach Police Department, and they told us they aren't investigating this because no one has called to complain.