Victims say they were promised stimulus money

You called, you asked, and Fox 29 found out.  There is NO special stimulus this year.  But that's not what people say they're being told behind closed doors.

One local woman who didn't want to show her face or give her name says she thought she was going to a building on Broadway in Riviera Beach to sign up for a stimulus check.  Now, she's not sure what happened.  She says she handed over her social security card and her driver's license.  The workers at the building put the information into the computer, a computer screen that no one else can see.

The victim says she didn't ask for any trouble.  She says she was flagged down while walking down the street.  She remembers, "It was a lady stopping people, telling them there's an Obama stimulus that's being given to people who did not work last year."

Fox 29 checked with the IRS and they tell us there isn't a special stimulus this year.  They say if you don't work, you don't file taxes, and you don't get any money back.  The IRS tells us it cannot comment about any particular investigation, however they say if you've handed over social security numbers and have been told you would get a stimulus, contact your local police department.  You should also file a complaint with the IRS at the tax payer service office at 1700 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard on the first floor.