Gov. Crist delivers last State of the State

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email

TALLAHASSE, FL (WFLX) - Republican Governor Charlie Crist delivered his 4th and final state of the state address Tuesday night and the picture he painted was not rosy.

First up the economy. He compared leading the state through a bad economy to leading a ship through a storm.

And the best way turn around the economy he said is the creation of jobs, especially in the biotech arena.

"I ask you to invest $125 million to attract innovation companies and the jobs they create," said Crist in rare joint session of lawmakers in the Capitol's House chamber.

Crist said the state must come to a consensus with the Seminole Tribe, the result would then benefit education much like the lottery.

"Wouldn't it be appropriate to set aside personal biases and approve a compact that will help pay to educate Florida's schoolchildren?," asked Crist.

The governor talked about the state's budget, envisioning a government half it's size one day.

"Government must live with in it's means or it will destroy our future," he said.

It was after all Crist's swan song where he touted some of his accomplishments during his tenure.

But Democrats, in their response, let him have it.

"Look around you, hundreds of thousands are without jobs, there is a skyrocketing demand for food stamps, medical help and job retraining. You should ask yourself 'What has a millionaire done for me lately?'," said Democratic State Senator Nan Rich of Sunrise.