Cancer foundation keeps S. FL families afloat

By Rachel Leigh - bio | email

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - The newest restaurant in Downtown at the Gardens was packed with folks opening their hearts and wallets for children stricken with cancer.

"Hi, I'm Daisy. This may seem like a party to you, but it's much, much more than that. It's helping kids that are going through what I went through. And, on their behalf, I'd like to say thank you all very much for being here and supporting them."

Daisy Healey was 4 years old when doctors diagnosed her with Leukemia. As Daisy received treatment, her mother, Julie, watched families go bankrupt saving their child's life.

She then went to work forming the 'Be a Star Foundation'. "We have no overhead. Every dime you give goes where it's supposed to go," said Julie Healey.

'Be a Star Foundation' assists thousands of critically ill children and their families in South Florida during this emotionally stressful time. "We pay mortgages, gas cards and electric bills. We save the family from losing everything."

When Dr. Fredic Barr and Carla Pisani, with Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, heard of the the Foundation and Julie Healey's mission, they knew they need to get involved. "Even though I do cosmetic surgery and the procedures, when I hear about kids, like kids with cancer, it hits my heart," said Dr. Barr.

And out of that formed 'Beauty in Motion'. "We're doing injections for lips and checks, around the mouth. Then switched to do some makeup. Then, we switched to do some hair. Then, we switched to do some styling clothes."

You typically don't enjoy dinner while watching someone receive injections; however, Paul Ardaji was more than willing to open up his restaurant, Cabo Flats, for the unique dining experience. "I thought this would be a good opportunity to host the event. We've been planning this before I even knew the restaurant would open."

And with the recent news of the confirmed cancer cluster in the Acreage, 'Beauty in Motion' couldn't have come at a better time. "The money we are raising here tonight [Thursday] is going directly to local children and their families to support their bills, their mortgage, their medicines. Everything they need goes right to Palm Beach County over at the P.O.S.T [Pediatric Oncology Support Team] over at St. Mary's, and it's so important for the local Acreage families. Everybody's really, really suffering right now," said Carla Pisani with Palm Beach Pastic & Cosmetic Surgery.

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