Teen Trackers

By Allison Bybee - bio | email

(WFLX) - Technology is making it easier than ever to keep tabs of people, and parents are taking advantage agreeing that keeping tabs on their teenagers can be more than a full time job.

"I guess there's some things I wouldn't want to know," said William Grant. His 17-year-old son, Blake Grant, like most other teens, has grown up bombarded with technology and multimedia -- most of it right at his fingertips.

Parents are now grappling with ways to keep tabs on their teens. It may be as simple as being friends with their child on Facebook or it can be sophisticated -- using computer programs to monitor every keystroke on your home computer.

The same navigational power of GPS can track your child's every movement.

"I guess we, as parents, really need to reformat our thinking," said Stephanie Jerstad. That's just what she did last fall when she decided to pay for GPS tracking offered by her cell phone provider for her 14-year-old daughter's phone.

"I also shared with her that I did add parameters to her phone on who she's texting. I can block specific numbers. How many texts. I can set parameters for the times that she's texting."

Jani Calvert got even more sophisticated with the electronic monitoring of her teens. "Basically, we started with a GPS unit that's hidden in the front of the car somewhere. That's paired with three motion activated video cameras that capture everything happening in and around the vehicle."

Jani can track her teen's vehicle on a map in real time, and her daughter knows her mom can check up on her at any time. "She wasn't too fond of it at the beginning. But you know what? That's not her car. It's not sneakiness. It's not being nosey. It's protection."

There are dozens of different types of tracking systems available. So if you are interested in tracking your teen, a quick Internet search will help you find the right option for your family.