Reports show Toyota didn't fix accelerators

NORTH PALM BEACH - Some Toyota drivers say they're still experiencing sudden acceleration, even after recalled parts were supposedly repaired.

Again Thursday at Earl Stewart Toyota in North Palm Beach, service technicians modified more gas pedals and floor mats-- part of the car company's recall campaign.

The repairs continued as the federal complaint database, by midday Thursday, had logged 20 reports of post-repair troubles.  The Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said his agency is investigating.

Are local Toyota owners worried?  "No," said Doris Saulle, a Camry owner from Boynton Beach.  "That's a very small amount, the percentage, compared to how many recalls they had."

Dealer Earl Stewart said nationwide Toyota had repaired about a million vehicles.  He said he knew of no problems after the fixes.

"We've had none," he said.  "We've repaired over 2,000 Toyotas on the recall campaign, and we haven't had a single complaint."  Stewart said his dealership expected to be doing the repairs for months to come.