Affordable home remodeling

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - While homeowners wait for the housing market to rebound, many are choosing to remodel their houses to make them worth more.

But how do you transform your home without spending a fortune? The answer -- go faux.

Love the look of wood cabinets, try paint. "It's about a third of the price of replacing your cabinets," said Christine Smith, owner of Fine Lions. "It's also eco-friendly because, in other words, you're not ripping out your cabinetry and throwing it in a landfill somewhere."

The whole process takes about four days and is even durable enough to be done on your garage door. You can even make the finish look antique.

In the case of wood flooring, experts tell us, laminate is the way to go especially if you have a lot of foot traffic in your home. "It's a very durable floor, very economical in terms of price point," said Jason Barba, Floor Coverings International. "It also has a lot of advantages -- very easy to clean and, again, a lot of times, there's going to be very good warranties against any types of wear, stains and fading."

Laminate flooring can save you 30 to 50 percent over real wood, and, unlike a few years ago, is much stronger.

Granite counters are also an upgrade a lot of us desire to put in our homes, but with prices starting at about $3,000, it's sometimes unaffordable. The good news that too can be faked for about $500. "We got coatings -- coatings that we put on existing formicas, cultured marble, tiled walls, bath tubs," Ed Del Portillo, owner of Demco Refinish Pros, Inc. "We revitalize your kitchen without tearing anything out.

We're told the coating also makes surfaces 500 times stronger and, on tile, prevents mold and grout stains.

Finally, if you just want to add a bit of color, it turns out window treatments can also be economical by simply using styrofoam and pieces of fabric. "All you do is tuck your material in with a tuck tool," said Angela Brunner, No Sew Windows. "To do a six foot sliding glass door, costs you less than a $100 for the product, and, then, they'll go out and buy their fabric."

A bracket is then put in the back so you can nail it to the wall.