Celebrity Corner: Matisyahu

By Rachel Leigh - bio | email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy" (Exodus 20:8).

Being in the limelight doesn't keep Matisyahu from following this command. "Friday night to Sabbath, I don't play, and I turn my cell phone off. I have my family, and I go to synagogue. Every week, I have that time to turn everything off. No matter how busy the week was, where I am in the world or on tour, or how many shows I did that week, there's a 24-hour period for me to just stop," said Matisyahu.

A Hasidic Jew, the 30-year-old musician-songwriter's career recently hit a high note as his song, 'One Day', was the anthem for the 2010 Winter Olympics. "It's an anthem for peace, and, everyone, especially, in the time we live in, we've seen everything. We've seen every idea go sour, and people are relatively pessimistic. But there's still that spark that everybody has, and the wanting to rise above it all, and the vision of the day where there will be peace."

He has no set routine before a performance. "Last night, we did something, and I was feeling kind of claustrophobic where I was, and I didn't tell anybody. I just left the building, my phone was dead, no one could get in touch with me, and I just took a walk. We were in St. Petersburg, and I walked down to the water and I laid down on this dock, and closed by eyes by the water. And I sat there for a little while, meditated, and I came back. And, tonight, I had a Mojito, so every night is different. It depends on the night."

And what a concert Matisyahu performed that night overlooking the city of West Palm Beach at Sky 309 on Clematis Street. And as the rain came pouring down, fans, soaked to the bone, stayed until the last note rang out by this Jewish, reggae artist who accredits his faith for his great fortune.