Rip current warning for spring breakers

Shreshth Dugar
Shreshth Dugar
Michael Finney
Michael Finney

By Tara Cardoso - bio | email

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - Two spring breakers from NYU were swimming at sundown on Jupiter Beach Friday when they got swept away in a strong rip current. One student drowned; the other survived.

"They were far out -- extremely far. Their heads were this big on the water," said Jeffrey Roberts.

He knew something was wrong after the two college students, he had just seen by the shore, had been swept out into a fierce ocean in a matter of minutes. "The waves came crashing over their heads, and they were fighting to keep their heads up, and, by the time they pop up, the next wave was out on top of their heads."

The beach is calm now, but, at sundown Friday night, the storms had just let up. The waves were crashing and the rip current was strong. The beach was empty. It happened just north of the guarded beach in Jupiter. "When the life guard is not on duty, you're on your own."

Jeremy knew he was no match for the ocean, so he got someone nearby to call 911. He is one of three people who worked to get the two NYU students out of the ocean. First, he carried 21-year-old Shreshth Dugar over the break. "He couldn't stand up. He could barely breathe. He could only gasp as I carried him. And, he said, 'My friend is dead.'"

Next, went for his friend, 20-year-old Michael Finney, but it was too late. "A dead body crashed by the surf when I had just minutes before seen him joking with his friends on the beach".

Jeremy hopes other spring breakers and out of towners will pay attention to the beach conditions before jumping in. "When they come to the ocean, and there are apartments, and the sand is groomed, and, they think, it's a pool. But it's absolutely not."

Jeremy Roberts says it did not appear to him that the college students were drinking any alcohol. Michael Finney also has a twin sister who was out there that day. She was in the water but was not pulled out according to the police report.