WPB teacher calls student a 'midget'

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - We teach our children not to taunt and bully. But what happens when a teacher is the one calling your child a name?

Shavon Simpson's son is a third-grader at Meadow Park Elementary near West Palm Beach.  "He's younger than all the other kids," said Simpson Wednesday. "He's smaller than the other kids."

The youngster admitted he was talking in class while his teacher gave a lesson. "She just turned around and told me, 'Shut up, midget,'" the boy recalled.

"He came home from school all upset," said Simpson. "Instead of asking him to be quiet, she told him, 'Shut up, midget.'"

The boy's dad called the teacher. Simpson said the teacher owned up to using the term. "She said, 'It slipped out,'" Simpson explained.

What did the boy think when the called him a midget? "I just got like, very sad," the boy responded. He said the kids made fun of him the rest of the day. "It's really been hurting my feelings."

Simpson said her son has ADHD, and talking in class is a problem for him. But she said that's no excuse for the teacher's words.

"He has the person he looks to, to learn from, and defend him, doing the same things they teach the kids not to do," Simpson expounded.

Simpson said, she believes, the teacher should keep her job, but be reprimanded. After meeting with the school's principal, Simpson said her son had been moved out of the teacher's class.

A school district spokeswoman said when an issue like this is raised, the principal will investigate. If at some point a teacher is disciplined, there would be a note in the personnel file.