Tiger Woods first interviews since sex scandal

By Emily Pantelides - bio | email

ORLANDO, FL (WFLX) - Looking jaded and despondent, Tiger Woods finally faced questions Sunday about the sex scandal that turned his career and personal life upside down.

"I take full ownership of it. I did it. No one else did; it was just me, and that's a responsibility that I will have. I will talk to my kids for however long they want to talk about it. That is a conversation that will need to be had," said Woods.

Woods granted two five minute interviews: One to ESPN and one to the Golf Channel. In the interviews, Woods declined to answer questions about the specifics of the accident and about his infidelity; though, he did tell EPSN, "Just one is enough, and, obviously, that wasn't the case."

Woods added the rehabilitation treatment had been a difficult experience. "You strip away the denial, the rationalization, and you come to the truth, and the truth is very painful at times, and to stare at yourself and look at the person you've become, you become disgusted."

Woods' only previous comments on his admitted infidelities have come in the form of written statements, and his 'no questions' televised apology last month.

Woods also tells ESPN he misses competing, but he's a little nervous about the reception he'll receive from fans when he returns to golf at the Augusta National next mont.