Building A Good Cents Home

What Does Your House Score?
A GoodCents certified homes would . . .

-Help you save money on your energy bills for many years, 
 -Save resources and defer the need to build power plants, 
 -Open the door to additional financing options, such as an energy-efficient mortgage, and 
   ensure that you are working with a quality, energy-efficient builder.

Whether you have made the decision to buy a newly built home from a developer or planning to build a custom home, Florida Public Utilities will help you with energy decisions that make GoodCents.

GoodCents Home Features
As a new homebuyer, you have an advantage over those buying existing homes – you can plan with energy savings in mind. A Good Cents Home will encourage the conservation of energy, and at the same time provide the highest degree of comfort for our customers. These modern, fully equipped homes offer everything you expect in COMFORT, EFFICIENCY and DEPENDABILITY that only gas can provide.

To receive "Good Cents" certification, a new home must comply with the Florida Model Energy Code. Florida Public Utilities also recommends the following:

GAS HEATING SYSTEM with a minimum AFUE of .80 or half the operating cost of an electric unit, twice the service life of a heat pump, plus greater comfort.
 GAS WATER HEATER. A high efficiency, well-insulated water heater should be located reasonable close to the area where usage is the greatest and within a conditioned space when possible.
 GAS STUB-OUTS (or substitute outlets) for range, dryer, fireplace or grill-for the precise control and efficiency of gas.
 AIR CONDITIONING with a minimum SEER of 10.0- provides efficient cooling while using less energy than what a heat pump would require.
 CEILING INSULATION rated at R-30-for the most comfort and efficiency, especially in our warm Florida summers.
 WALL INSULATION rated at R-11-provides temperature stability for year-round comfort.
 DOUBLE-PANE WINDOWS-offer extra protection against heat transfer.
 RIDGE VENT-reduces air conditioning costs by keeping the attic cooler.
 INSULATED DOORS-offer extra protection against heat transfer.

Florida Public Utilities energy consultation services are provided to you free of charge.

Why? It's simple. Conserving energy is good for everyone. If you have chosen a builder that is currently building GoodCents homes or you choose to have your home built to GoodCents standards, you can expect to save as much as 30 percent on your air conditioning, heating and water heating energy costs. These three appliances account for approximately 52 percent of your home's energy consumption.

Keep in mind that each home's actual expenses and savings will vary according to a wide range of factors, including the quality of materials used, labor and installation costs, number of people in the home, lifestyle, house location and weather fluctuations.

What Does Your House Score?

How to Measure Energy Efficiency
The State of Florida Department of Community Affairs requires an Energy Performance Index (EPI) rating on every newly built home. It verifies that a new home meetings the state's energy code. Florida homes can have an EPI of no more than 100 to pass state requirements.

The lower the EPI, the more energy-efficient the home. The EPI for every model home you visit is available from the builder upon request.

There are items, which are not considered when calculating the EPI, but have significant impact on your energy bills, such as lighting, washer, dryer, dishwasher, and pool or spa heaters. To make the right choices, consult with Florida Public Utilities and your builder for the efficiency upgrades that are most appropriate for you.