Idol judges' frustrations growing with Top 10

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By Adam Housely
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX NEWS) - It's the judges' advice that helps them get there, but it's up to the viewers to choose their favorite American Idol. But not every contestant is taking their constructive criticism.

"No, they are not getting it," said Simon Cowell.

"Some of them get it; some of them don't," said Kara DioGuardi.

"No, most of them don't listen to us," Randy Jackson.

Ellen DeGeneres says, "I don't think they have enough experience to get it. They are brand new, and you are throwing so much at them. It's overload."

"I don't think they can even hear us," Jackson added.

But hearing what the judges say and putting it into practice may not be as easy as it seems.

"If you don't learn anything from this, then there's no point in you being here in my opinion. This is a learning experience, and this is a huge learning experience for what's ahead for everybody," contestant Lee DeWyze said.

Katie Stevens says, "I'm just going to take their comments and take bits and pieces of it, and see how I can incorporate it into my style and what I want to do."

Siobhan Magnus adds, "I mostly try not even to start to worry about what the judges might say because sometimes that can be your biggest distraction."

For DeGeneres, sitting at the table gives diplomacy a whole new meaning. "It's challenging; it seems like an easy thing. You're at home, you have an opinion, and your like how hard can that be? But you are trying to find a brand new way of saying 'I liked it' or 'I didn't like it' every single time, so trying to find a way for me to be constructive -- 'cause I don't like hurting peoples feeling -- so trying to find a brand new way of telling somebody, especially if you feel like it was horrible, 'cause I don't want to crush them in front of everybody."

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