PSL city employee charged with stealing computers

By John Bachman - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

PORT ST LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - New developments about a Port St Lucie city employee who is sitting jail right now. James Mayberry is now officially charged with stealing computers from the city.

Update FRI 11:30 AM: We first told you how police were investigating him after they found city owned computer equipment at his house. He told detectives that his boss gave him permission to take five computer hard drives home with him. But that turned out not to be the case.

Mayberry works for the city's MIS department. Police say he stole the hard drives, and he will now be tried for grand theft as well as DUI and domestic battery for a previous arrest.

But police also received more information they are still investigating right now. "There is an allegation that some of those hard drives may have consisted of child pornography, and these allegations are being investigated, as well," said Port St Lucie Spokesman Tom Nichols.

As of, right now, police won't say what was on the stolen hard drives.

Meanwhile, Mayberry is also serving an 18-day suspension from his job with the city for bringing a Taser to work.

Previously: Police say a Port St. Lucie employee stole computer hard drives from the city. There are also allegations that child porn may be stored on some of those computers.

Police also confirmed that James Mayberry has been recently arrested for DUI and domestic battery, and he's currently suspended from the city without pay. Now, he could soon be in even more trouble.

Mayberry works in Port St. Lucie's management information systems department with plenty of access to city-owned computers. But police spokesman Tom Nichols says Mayberry took that access too far.

There was some city computer equipment found in the home which prompted the investigation, and that investigation is still on going.

Nichols says there's more. "There is an allegation that some of those hard drives may have consisted of child pornography, and these allegations are being investigated, as well."

Word of the investigation did not come as a surprise to Mayberry's next door neighbor, Rhonda Vincent. Just a few weeks ago, she witnessed the aftermath of his arrest for domestic violence. She says police cars lined the street. "They were here probably for a good three to four hours that evening. I figured something was happening."

We also learned Tuesday Mayberry is currently serving an 18-day unpaid suspension from his job with the city. City sources say he brought a Taser to work.

That suspension is unrelated to the current investigation into the computer equipment found in Mayberry's home which is where we went to try to talk to him about these allegations. But when we knocked, all we heard was this recording: "You are trespassing. You are trespassing."

We've just learned Mayberry is still in the St Lucie County Jail on domestic battery and DUI charges without bond.