Celebrity Corner: Bill Cosby

By Rachel Leigh - bio | email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - In the 1960s, a star burst onto the scene. He would go on to be an author, actor, composer, musician and one of the best comedians of our time.

But, at age 72, we all want to know, will Bill Cosby ever retire? "Yes, and then I see myself thinking about something funny, and I go down and write it, longhand with a #2 yellow pencil, legal pad."

Yes, a lot has changed in that past 50 years, but Cosby manages to stay the same earning him the nickname of "America's Dad". "You can't get me to laugh saying words that were censored out when I was working."

"I met Jackie Robinson in Phoenix, Arizona after he was done with baseball. And, I said to Jackie, 'Do you watch baseball on TV?' He said, 'No, boring'. And that's the way I am about watching sitcoms."

So, could this cause this television great to return to the tube? "If someone came to me, and asked me to produce a TV show off an idea about something I was excited about, [nods head yes], I wouldn't play in it, I wouldn't act in it, but I'd try to put it together. They must leave me alone though."

And if they're smart, they will as Cosby has earned several Emmy's, Grammy's and honorary degrees.

But what's his proudest moment? "If I told you an answer giving you one, two, three, four, five, six seven, I would feel like I was telling you which one of my children I liked the best."

Cosby has four living children with his wife, Camille. "Before marrying her, I knew my job was, at 8, 9, was to take care of my family. If I was in love at 12, 13, I would not talk to you because I did not have in place the things that I needed to ask you to marry me – a job, a house and two cars."

With the career he chose, Cosby knew he wouldn't be home for dinner every night. "That's a part of show business. And whether or not I was a stranger to the children, no, that never happened."

But how did wearing sweatshirts for TV interviews and commencement speeches happen? "I love colleges, and I always like to keep in mind that this is something they need to think about in terms of their education. I know that education is the way that a person can communicate. That a person can learn to feel good about him or herself. That a person can want to develop to become something, and so the colleges represent something."