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Tuesday, 3/25/03

Healthy Eating Habits

Patrick & I love eating here because you can't go wrong: the food is good and it's fish. But believe it or not, most of make five mistakes in regard to eating, and it's health consequences can be dreadful. I'll tell you what they are.

The first thing is knowing your fats. For some reason we all think that fats are bad for us, but it turns out that the mono unsaturates are actually good for us. Where do we find them? We find them principally in nuts. My recommendation is to eat a handful of nuts every day - it doesn't make any difference what type, just do it because the mono unsaturates are really good for you.

The second thing is portion size. The portions should be the size of the palm of your hand, that's a good indicator. How many times have you heard this: "for 30 cents you can get a super size," Forget it! You don't need those calories, don't get the super size - it's not proportionate to the palm of your hand.

The third mistake that we make is that we don't think that liquids have calories. How many times have you seen an obese person drinking a soda? Well, there's a 120, 130 needless calories and you don't need them. If you're going to have a soda, make sure it's the one calorie because liquids do have calories.

The fourth mistake is that we don't know what "hungry" is because we eat too fast. You have to remember it takes about 20 minutes from the time that you eat something for the brain to recognize that you've eaten it - that's called the saitiety center. If you eat too fast you're going to work right through that, you're not going to know what hungry is and you're going to eat too much.

The last mistake we make is that we microwave things too much because we're in a hurry - we don't have that much time and it's convenient. but if you nuke things all the time you're going to deprive yourself of all the antioxidants, particularly vitamin C and also fiber. So if you must nuke, make sure you have a whole grain roll with it, a salad and also a fruit dessert, it will make up for all those deficiencies. Now if you know those five mistakes, you correct them, you're going to be healthy, stay healthy, eat healthy and you're going to have your fish too.

And I'm Dr David Vastola, and that's life.

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