Parent chases purse thieves from N. Palm to Riviera Bch

By Al Pefley - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

NORTH PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Purse-snatchings in our society are a dime a dozen; however, this one is a little different.

Sharon Czamara had just gotten out of her car, carrying her purse, about 9 a.m. Tuesday. She had arrived for work at Baldwin Prep School in North Palm Beach where she's the director of admissions.

She was walking through the school parking lot when a man snatched her big orange purse. "As I'm walking from my car into the doorway of the school, this man came from behind me. I didn't even see where he came from, grabbed my arm, grabbed the purse."

The man jumped into a car with an accomplice and sped off. "It happened all in just a matter of seconds, and I was so mad! I was just horrified. I really was."

Sharon screamed, and a parent, dropping off her daughter at the school, gave chase following their getaway car for several miles as they raced through stop signs and red lights. In fact, she followed them all the way to a gas station in Riviera Beach where, police say, they used Sharon's debit card to fill up.

The brave parent called 911 and told police where to find the thugs. "I was so thrilled, and I was so happy that she had the bravery and the courage and the good common sense to do what she could do."

Police nabbed the two suspects -- identified as 23-year-old Victor Howard and 20-year-old Anthony Jones both of Riviera Beach.

Sharon got her purse back, but no longer feels safe now. "I don't do any harm to anybody. Why do harm to me? If you're so desperate for money, do something with your life, just do something with your life. Don't take other people's things."

According to the prep school, the mother who chased after the two purse-snatching suspects does not want to comment on what she did that day or on her decision to go after them.

Sharon told us she's extremely grateful for the parent's quick-thinking that led to the arrests.