Deerfield beaten teen will require long term care

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL (WFLX) - It's been nearly one month since Josie Lou Ratley endured a savage beating that left her hospitalized, still in critical condition.

But in recent days, her father says, her recovery has been nothing short of a miracle.

"She gained back her sense of personality. And she can see. She is trying to she trying to talk, but it's very hard and frustrating for her right now," her father said.

Today Fox 29 caught a glimpse of Josie in a garden area at Broward General where she has been since the attack. Four nurses helped the 15-year-old out of her wheel chair. She was wide awake, but, doctors said, she has a traumatic brain injury that is impairing her ability to walk, communicate and move part of the right side of her body.

"The extent is significant and again we don't know what other part of the brain can recover and take over those functions. We just can't tell," her doctor said at a press conference.

Doctors said Josie will require extensive and long term rehabilitative care, including physical, occupational and speech therapy.

"She has made slow but steady and remarkable improvements since the beginning of her stay here," said her doctor.

Wayne Treacy, also 15, allegedly beat Josie outside her Deerfield Beach Middle School over a text message.

Now, Josie is in the fight of her life. "It's just an astronomical mircle that she has made such a speedy recovery," her father said.