Fruit Color Matters

When Patrick & I pick out our fruits & vegtables we look for clues to pick out which is best and Mother Nature helps us. She tells us look for color - look at the colors, the more vivid the color, the better it is. But what about melons? They kind of all look the same: canteloupe, honeydew, watermelon - so which is best? Let me tell you.
When it comes to melons, the color can be very deceptive, but what you have to do is look inside. When you're talking about honeydew, it tends to be a light green, watermelon's a red color which is good, but canteloupe which is yellow and orange is the best. Why, because of the carotenoids. The carotenoids are strong antioxidants - they're the guys who prevent heart disease, cancer and a whole bunch of other things. They just keep you healthy.
So when it come to melons like this, think about the inside rather than the outside. When you compare them pound for pound, canteloupes have about 2-4 times more of the good guys than the bad guys. So what would be your choice? Your choice overall should be the canteloupe, despite it's brown color. Just remember Mother Nature and how she exemplifies what's good for you. Just look at these colors, and inside here is that orange-yellow color that means carotenoids. So don't forget, look on the inside too, before you checkout.
And I'm Dr David Vastola, and that's life.