Pedicure Safety

Patrick has a hot date, but his nails are a mess, so we're going here to get a pedicure and also a manicure. But believe it or not there are risks, health consequences of simple things like that. Let me tell you what they are and show you what you can do about it.
The first thing you need to do is look around. Use your common sense - does it look clean? Do the technicians look clean? That's important. Also ask about licenses - that's important. Does the facility have a state license? If it doesn't, you might be at risk. Also, the people doing it should have a license to do what they're doing.
If you're going to have a pedicure, try not to shave your legs or feet prior to that because you can introduce infection that way. The other thing is the foot bath. When you look at the foot bath, make sure they're clean - that after someone's been in there, they're washed and disinfected.
The most important thing are the instruments being used - they have to be clean. The best way to do it is bring your own instruments. If you don't do that, make sure the ones being used are clean and the best way to clean them is with an autoclave. That's where they put it in the machine under gas - they use a chemical disinfectant - you have to read the label. It has to say tuberculoid killer or tuberculoid phase on it - then you kow it will kill the bacteria which is necessary to keep it clean. So read the label - it has to disinfect for about 10 minutes. So when it comes to that pedicure and manicure too, do it safely, otherwise you're going to have gnarly nails.
And I'm Dr David Vastola, and that's life.