Christmas Shopping

It wasn't that many years ago that you did your Christmas shopping on Main Street and in neighborhood stores. For many years, I spent my holiday vacation time working as a saleman in a men's store on Main Street in my home town and was it ever busy. Of course, that store is gone now, so is Main Street, for that matter.
I'm amazed at how our shopping habits have changed. Malls have replaced Main Street, huge chains and department stores have replaced the mom and pop retailers. But even that is changing. I guess we've always had the big mail order firms: Land's End, LL Bean and others have always been big names. Today, there is probably more business done on line than catalogs ever did - or do. Every retailer has a web can order flowers and candy, books, toys, furniture - even cars and trucks. You can buy from or bid on an item being auctioned on e-bay. It makes me this really any better than when I walked into my neighborhood store, got a personal greeting from the owner and bought a tie, shirt or belt - and even paid with cash?
If you're old enough, you might even remember cash.
That's an afterthought.