Traffic Cams

I don't often admit that in my early days in radio, I was a traffic reporter in the early mornings. It was not something I did for a living, but I used to give traffic reports from my car on the way to my job at the radio station. I was known as Murray the Car. If pressed, I will admit that I sometimes reported from home in bed after having listened to the other stations helicopter reports.
I bring this up because I am very impressed with the traffic cam coverage that you should have noticed in the morning and afternoon news blocks on local stations. Traffic cameras are now located at some 50 high-volume intersections and at key points on the interstate. Believe it or not, they're owned by the county and are placed for the convenience of the drivers and the county traffic departments. If you see a single pole at an intersection or on an overpass with a small gadget at the top that looks like a light bulb, that's it. It has almost 360 degree range and can be turned to face in any direction, and the pictures that you get are superb.
I'm told that there will eventually be about a hundered of them. As one who has at times been critical of moves that government makes, my hat's off to whomever came up with this one. The traffic cams are sensational.
That's an afterthought.