Apple's iPhone leak?

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

DELRAY BEACH, FL  (WFLX) - Did an Apple engineer really leave a new yet-to-be-released version on the iPhone at a bar or is it all a massive publicity stunt?

No one knows the answer, but we do know it's a version of the iPhone we haven't seen yet.

The tech Web site Gizmodo says it got the device after it was left in a bar by an engineer -- supposedly out celebrating his birthday.

The phone is slimmer than the current model, has a longer-lasting battery, and a camera with a flash in both the front and the back.

"Theoretically, you can Skype or maybe even iChat. Since Apple has iChat that you can talk to computers with, so, you know, phone to phone -- phone to computer, there are a lot of possibilities with a front camera, so it's pretty exciting," said Jason Chen, Gizmodo editor.

Apple has not commented on this story, but Gizmodo confirms the engineer, who supposedly lost the phone, has not been fired -- yet.