Cash, guns and drugs found in home

Agents raided a couple's home near West Palm Beach, finding marijuana, cash, and guns--  lots of guns.  All with a 10-month old baby under the same roof.

Thursday the baby's parents went before a judge.  Kemica Richards and Garth Wiles both face drug and child neglect charges.  Wiles is also looking at weapons counts.

The arrest report says agents got a report of marijuana growing on the property.  When agents arrived at the couple's house, the report says Wiles ran out and started uprooting marijuana plants, and threw one at a deputy.  Deputies caught Wiles a couple blocks away.

The Sheriff's Office says a search warrant executed at the home turned up:  21 guns, two drum magazines, 29 gun magazines, 21 boxes of ammunition, a gun silencer, and more than $16,000 in cash.  
Late Thursday the Sheriff's Office said four of the 21 guns were stolen, one had been altered.  The total marijuana haul:  20 pot plants outside, 37 pounds of pot inside.

Some neighbors said they suspected drug activity at the house.