PSL councilman's home raided, sons face drug charges

By Lynn Gordon - email

PORT ST LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - Port St. Lucie City Councilman Christopher Cooper's chances of becoming mayor maybe ruined after his home is raided by police; his sons are also facing drug charges.

"There's really no more comment. I'm here to work for the people tonight [Monday], and I'm here to take care of their business," said Cooper.

This councilman faced the public for the first time since his home was raided. Cooper does not think his political career is dead despite allegations that drugs were being sold out of his home.

"Did you have any idea this was going on in your home?" asked reporter Lynn Gordon.

"Ma'am, absolutely not. There's no further comments," responded Cooper. "I think my record speaks for itself, and, I think, anybody that knows me would have the answer to that question."

"I already made a statement, I think, you've seen, and there's really no more comments. I'm here to work for the people tonight [Monday], and we're here to take care of their business."

But while Cooper wouldn't say much, those attending the meeting had plenty to say.

"I'll tell you, I couldn't be more happy with the news I saw this weekend. I'd like to congratulate the sheriff's department for their investigation and arrest of Councilman Cooper's children," said one resident attending the meeting. "I think, if you can't take care of business into your own house, you can't take care of business for everybody else."

While some lashed out at Cooper, others spoke in support. "I'd like to say on Chris's behalf, what a great person he's been and a great friend -- never stepping down on his job."

The bust went down Friday night at Cooper's Port St. Lucie's home at 4464 SW Fireside Circle where he lives with his two young sons. Twenty-one-year old Christopher Brian Cooper, his 17-year-old brother and their friend, 21-year-old Marc Braddock. All are facing charges of marijuana possession after the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office received complaints from neighbors about possible drug dealing at the councilman's home.

Deputies seized less than a pound of marijuana and a digital scale from Cooper's home. They also confiscated a .40 caliber pistol and synthetic urine from Braddock's pickup truck which was parked in front of the councilman's home.

We'll keep you updated as this story progresses.