Lawsuit filed against John Goodman

By Eric Roby - bio | email

WELLINGTON, FL (WFLX) - Attorneys are going after the multi-millionaire John Goodman. He's accused of driving drunk and killing a local 23-year-old man, but just how much money could the victim's family get?

The civil lawsuit just filed against the founder of the International Polo Club claims not only is John Goodman guilty of drunk driving, he's also guilty of running away from the accident to save his own skin while allowing the other driver to drown in a canal.

Twenty-three-year-old Scott Wilson drowned in a Wellington canal last February -- allegedly hit by a drunk John Goodman. "Their only son is forever gone as result of reckless actions of John Goodman," said the family's attorney.

A civil suit states his International Polo Club and the Players Club Restaurant served him alcohol before the accident:

"Goodman, was so obviously drunk that he fell down for no apparent reason on one occasion while at the Players Club. Nevertheless, the Players Club continued to serve John B. Goodman alcoholic beverages and made no effort to keep him from driving."

The suit also says after the crash, Goodman ran away to hide from police and did not try to rescue Wilson who was trapped inside the sinking car.

The civil suit also reports:

"[Goodman] fled the scene on foot where he sought to hide at nearby structures and sought to make telephone calls to friends and lawyers to protect himself from prosecution, all the while knowing that the driver of the vehicle he had knocked into the ditch was seriously injured, submerged under water and most likely drowning."

It will be up to a jury to decide if or how much the multi-millionaire will have to pay the victim's family, but the lawyers say Goodman's wealth should be taken into account. "If someone has a billion or so money, how much do they have to pay to pay attention?" the family's attorney asked.

Criminal charges have not been filed in this case, but they are anticipated any day. The toxicology report of Goodman's blood alcohol level has not been released yet.

The lawyers for the victim's family say they would not be surprised if Goodman also had illegal drugs in his system.