The Harmony Remote Control for Home Theater

AP -- Now you can operate your television, D-V-D player and stereo with a single remote control.
Intrigue Technologies is touting its Harmony Remote.
Company spokesman Geoff Lyon says with the Harmony Remote you can control your home theater system without ever having to get off the coach.
Lyon says the Harmony Remote comes with a cable that connects it to a computer. Then, by going online to w-w-w-dot-HarmonyRemote-dot-com, consumers can program the remote to control each piece of home entertainment equipment.
He says consumers only need to know the model numbers of the items they want programmed -- and the computer does the rest of the work.
Lyon says Harmony Remote even remembers your favorite television channel, and can go directly to it when the t-v is turned on.
There are two models available.
One costs one-hundred-ninety-nine dollars. The other is two-hundred-ninety-nine dollars.
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