Pickup Artist

MIAMI (WFLX) - Cary Wan was always afraid to approach women. Cary says the ones he noticed never noticed him.

"I would hang out at the wall looking around with a drink in my hand wondering what to do," said Wan.

Sick of standing around solo, Cary flew to Miami for a seven day pickup artist workshop costing $7,000.

It's run by America's self proclaimed #1 pickup artist Adam Lyons, a former geek who began a year long experiment in attraction and psychology. At one point he openly dated 14 girls.

Adam says picking up a woman all begins with a normal open.

"The best success rate starts with saying, 'Hi, do you know where such and such is?', or 'Hi, where would you suggest I go for lunch?'" says Adam.

He says it's also key for guys to make pretty friends.

"If you surround yourself with a whole bunch of female friends, what happens is when you walk into a bar, people take notice of you. One guy walking in with three girls on his arm everyone wonders who he is."

On only day two of the workshop Cary hit the streets.

Adam gave us the play-by-play as Cary used his new techniques.

"Big smile on his face encourages her to laugh, and the fact that she's touching her hair is a massive sign of interest," said Adam.

Sometimes Cary was rejected, but he got some hugs and three numbers.

"I gave him my number to figure out where to go for tonight, so that was really confident it was a really good move," said one of the girls Cary spoke with.

For Cary, learning these skills is worth the high price tag.

"It's worth every penny," he concluded.