A Skins Game

When Patrick and I look around, I'll tell you what we see, we see what's called a skins game. It's like golf - the closest to the hole, the one who gets in with the least amount of strokes wins. But picking out your fruits and vegetables also has to do with a skins game. A potato skin inparticular is loaded with nutrients: vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and also loaded with fiber - both soluble and insoluble, so it prevents cancer and also prevents heart disease. So the skins game in terms of the potato is: eat it. One exception: if the potato has a green tint to it avoid it. The reason why there's a green tint is because of a chemical, it's called solanine, and it's because of too much sun exposure on the potato skin. That solanine can make you sick.

Let's take another look at a skin game. It's called the citrus game: lemons, oranges and limes. They contain vast chemicals, anti-oxidants that can help prevent cancer and heart disease, such as the lemonine, it has paradines - the coumarins they all help.
By the way, when you wash your fruit and veggies, just do it with fresh water, you don't need soap - a brush may help. And the other thing is when you take a skin like this, just put it in a drink. The good guys will get leeched out into the drink and it will benefit you.
So when it comes to the skins game, just like in golf, the winner takes all.
And I'm Dr David Vastola and that's life.