Beating of airport screener raises questions about body scanners

A federal screener at Miami International Airport has been arrested for beating up a co-worker.

Rolando Negrin, a TSA screener in Miami, passed through one of the airport's full-body scanners during a training exercise, and one of his co-workers started teasing him about the size of his genitalia.

Police say Negrin attacked his co-worker with a baton and he was charged with battery.

The full-body scanners enable screeners to get a good look at each passenger, allowing them to see right through clothing, but passengers at PBIA have mixed views on whether they're an invasion of privacy.

Lisa McGrady, air traveler from Chicago, said, "I haven't personally experienced one yet. But it sounds a little intrusive."

"I don't think anyone is going to be comfortable going through a full-body scanner. But I think most people feel they have to do whatever is necessary and the way thing are today, I think it just happens to be a necessary evil,"  said Stanley Shechtman, an airline passenger from the Boston area.

Others were not bothered by it.

Sarah Lopez, air traveler from Atlanta, said, "It really doesn't bother me that much. I would rather feel safe than anything else. So if it prevents somebody from getting on the plane who's not supposed to, that's okay with me."

"Unfortunatlely in the times that we're living, If this is  something that we have to do for our safety, then I'm just gonna do it,"  said Millie Colon, an air traveler from Philadelphia.

Currently, Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville airports have the full-body scanners.

The TSA says no decision has been made if or when Palm Beach International will get them.