Colored Glasses

By Eric Roby - bio | email

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - "Looking through rose colored glasses" is a saying meaning you always look on the upside. But what about looking through blue, purple or even orange colored glasses?

Color therapy is not your traditional way to improve a troubled relationship, but there are some who swear by it saying a simple color adjustment is all that's needed to improve your life.

Cristina and Paul Gorman of Jupiter is your normal, fun loving couple. "I couldn't find a better man," said Cristina.

But they have their ups and downs. "The doctor noticed we were having conflict," Paul admitted.

Pam Dean of the Dean Wellness Center is their chiropractor. For the past four years, she's been using color therapy as an extra option to treat couples in her Jupiter office. She noticed that Cristina and Paul were fighting because of Paul's extensive travel schedule as an architect.

Pam tested them by looking at different colors. She presses on their muscles looking for weakness. If she finds it, the glasses go on and a tuning fork, associated with the specific color, is used with a cold laser to help the body absorb the frequencies. "There is a frequency with the color and frequency with the tone, and together they complete the package," she explained.

Each color represents an emotion, a body part or even physical ailment. Once your body is balanced by the treatment, then your relationship can be balanced.

Sounds pretty far out there, so Eric Roby decided to try it. When he was shown the color orange, his body told Pam he was out of sink with that color. The color orange represents such things as working well with others.

With the orange glasses, tuning fork and lazers, it only takes a second to make Eric a better co-worker.

But, then, the real test. "You're all balanced now, but what happens when you go back to work to see your co-worker Suzanne," Pam jokingly commented.

Apparently, more is needed. But for the Gormans, "It really works," they said.

Two weeks after their first treatment, both say, their relationship has improved 10 fold. "It helped to resolve a lot of critical things that are major," said Cristina. "There is more communication. We can express feelings we are feeling inside that we feel more free to talk about."

So does it work? It does for the Gormans. After all, we could all use a good dose of "rose colored glasses" now and then.