Regrow Your Hair

By Suzanne Boyd - bio | email

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - There are many men who worry about losing their hair including a local dermatologist, but he's doing something about it. He's created a shampoo to keep men's hair from falling out, and it may even do more than that.

Dr. Steven Shapiro sees a lot of skin, but the Palm Beach Gardens dermatologist is also seeing a lot of hair lately -- his own. "We took a picture before and then followed up 10 weeks later, and there was clearly a difference in my hair."

Dr. Shapiro was the first to try the new shampoo, Xanthene Plus, because he created it, but he's not the only one seeing results.

Baseball Hall-of-Famer Gary Carter says both his grandfathers went bald, and he didn't want to follow suit. "My hair line was getting up there, and I was starting to see a lot of hair in the sink. The shampoo has helped that, and I haven't been losing the hair as much."

Xanthene Plus contains two main ingredients: caffeine and a DHT blocker. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is what attacks the hair folicle in men.

The theory is if you can block it, you can keep your hair. "What happens is beneficial for the hair."

It's the same active ingredient in Propecia, but Carter, who's now the baseball coach at Palm Beach Atlantic, says he didn't want to start taking a pill. "Once you start those products, you gotta keep up with them. If you don't, then your hair really will fall out."

Those prescriptions can also be expensive, but the shampoo is just $30 a bottle.

DHT blockers can cause birth defects in babies, so this shampoo is not for women of child-bearing age. Most dermatologists have Xanthene Plus or you can buy it online.