Gas outage in Jupiter & Gardens area

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - Thousands of natural gas customers, including businesses, are still without power after storms allegedly knocked out gas service to a 12-mile stretch of northern Palm Beach County.

About 10,000 customers who depend on natural gas may be without it until the weekend. The process will be tedious because after gas crews turn the gas off at homes, they have to turn it back on at the source, and then go back to each and every home and turn it back on again.

The natural gas outage means that schools in northern Palm Beach County will not have hot breakfast or lunches for students.

Sebastian's Pizzeria on Northlake Boulevard has been forced to close. "Our pizza oven is our livelihood," said Sebastian Fazio, of Sebastian's Pizza. "We can't get the pizza oven on to produce pizza so we're really in bad shape. The bad thing is not knowing how long we're going to be without gas."

There is no threat to anyone safety right now. But Palm Beach County Fire Rescue have some overall safety reminders for anyone who has gas appliances:

  • Make sure to have a carbon monoxide detector.
  • If you smell gas at any time in your house, as this is being turned back on, that is not normal. Get out of the house and call 911.

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL - Early Tuesday morning, the TECO Peoples Gas gate station that serves the Jupiter and North Palm Beach County areas experienced a loss in pressure that impacted approximately 10,500 customers. The reason for the drop in pressure is under investigation, but it appears to be related to an overnight heavy thunderstorm.
The natural gas system's loss of pressure does not appear to be from a rupture or leak.

Peoples Gas is beginning the process of restoration to customers as quickly and safely as possible and will be using more than 250 technicians from across the Palm Beach area as well as Miami and Fort Myers to assist in this effort.

We expect to start isolating the main distribution lines and begin restoration late tonight. The exact restoration time has not been determined; however, it is expected to be several days and could run into the weekend with critical facilities such as hospitals taking first priority.

Customers should not turn off their gas supply at the main meter. Only emergency personnel or utility personnel should turn the valve on or off. There is also no need for customers to turn off the gas for individual appliances at the appliance valve near each unit.
For latest update on our progress as well as safety tips please see