FAU student found in Miami burn unit, how you can help

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Clutching his Bible and exploding in emotion, it was the moment Celius Cherisma found out his son was alive.

"You know what I do, I said, 'Thank you God, thank you God,'" he said.

For 10 days, 26-year-old Frantzdy Cherisma, an FAU accounting student, had been missing.

Turns out, the SUV he was driving was in a fiery crash and Cherisma was laying unconscious at a Miami burn unit with 50 percent of his body ravaged by flames.

"He's burned everywhere. Face burned, chest, leg, everywhere," said dad.

Cherisma had left FAU's Boca campus last week heading home to the apartment he shared with his father in the Villages of West Palm Beach. But the Nissan SUV he was driving became disabled, stopped on I-95 in Lake Worth when another vehicle rear-ended his.

The Pathfinder exploding into flames, and Cherisma was on fire, too.

Off-duty Palm Beach County firefighter/paramedic Matthew Lobsinger and his wife, Erica, saw the fireball and stopped to help.

"I started cutting away his clothes because they were melted on him," said Lobsinger.

Rescue crews rushed Cherisma to Delray Medical Center and then Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

All of his identification was burnt. The SUV was owned by his father. Doctors thought the person in the hospital was Celius and not Frantzdy.

Now, they are trying to figure out why no next of kin was notified.

"Thinking, my son laying in the hospital bed with no support, no one whispering in your ear, 'You are going to be ok', I'd be furious," said Erica Lobsinger.

She has started a fundraising effort for the struggling Haitian-American family. If you would like to help please e-mail Erica at letshelpfrantzdy@yahoo.com.

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