Boynton kids send 1,100 letters to BP

BOYNTON BEAHC, FL (WFLX) - Local school students are trying to make a difference in the crisis on the coast. They're writing letters to BP.

Students at Christa McAuliffe Middle School getting a first hand glimpse at the oil in the Gulf in their classroom. In response, they're sending heartfelt messages to BP in the form of letters.

The kids say they want the clean up to start right now. "It's so filthy and nasty," said parent Kraig Shook. He's just back from Louisiana with a bucket of thick, gooey oil that could soon wash up on our Florida beaches.

"It's disgusting," said eighth grader Tyler Lee. "All the oil, it's thick, like play dough."

Teachers are using the disaster in the Gulf as teaching tool for students.

"We felt this was really important to do something, and the letter idea came to mind. And we decided to develop it," said eighth grade teacher Debbie Baughman.

After a reality check of what this disaster can and will likely do to our environment, these students are calling on BP for action.

Here are parts of those letters:

  • "The oil problem will affect my life as well as my children's life if the leak is not fixed."
  • "Please protect our beaches. Without them, I have no where to hang out over the summer."
  • "If things don't get better, no one knows what this will lead up to. Please fix this mess you got us into.

With a message and method, students hope this will save Florida. The students sent more than 1,100 letters to the oil giant Wednesday.

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