Dealing with Dental Fear: There's Aid for the Anxious

Do you suffer from fear of the dentist?  You're not alone!  As many as 40 million Americans share your fear, with some 4 to 8 million so fearful that they avoid dental visits all together.  Sadly, avoiding the dentist leads to declining oral health, spawning even greater fear and anxiety.  Thus the vicious cycle of anxiety and avoidance perpetuates.

The types of fear can range from minor anxiety to various forms of psychiatric disorders such as Dentophobia (an inordinate fear of dental treatment), Aichmophobia (a pathological fear of all sharp objects), or Trypanophobia (an extreme or irrational fear of needles).  For others, their fear may be triggered by the sights, sounds, or smells of the dental office or the confines of the dental chair.

Regardless of fear's form or ferocity, it's not enough to say, "Get over it!"  According to the Academy of General Dentistry spokesperson, William Kuttler, DDS, FAGD, "Today's dentists recognize dental anxiety is a real condition."  Helping patients hurdle the obstacle of their fear should be the priority of every practice.

Through the skilled use of sedation, dentists can manage their patients' fear and their pain.  For many, local anesthesia may be all that's needed to achieve a calm and pain free experience.  For others, with mild to moderate anxiety, oral sedation or nitrous oxide (a.k.a., giggle gas) can be used for relaxation.

Those with heightened anxiety can benefit from conscious IV sedation. Unlike oral medications, conscious IV sedation affords the dentist the ability to control the degree of sedation throughout the procedure, as needed, to ensure the patient's optimal comfort and ease.  The administration of IV sedation requires special training and certification. Placing your care in the hands of a fully qualified practitioner will both bolster your confidence and quell your anxiety.

Finally, for patients with extreme anxiety, or those facing complex or lengthy procedures, IV sleep sedation is a wonderful option.  Genuine Sleep Dentistry is both fully tranquillizing and fully amnesiac.  Until now, though, most patients have had to bear the exorbitant cost and inconvenience (not to mention the added stress) of hospitalization in order to safely take advantage of its benefits ... but no longer!

Wholeheartedly committed to your calm, comfort and safety, the Spodak Dental Group is one of the only practices in the nation to be partnered with a board certified, MD anesthesiologist to oversee the medical well-being of each patient undergoing sleep sedation procedures—all in the comfort and convenience of their fully equipped, state-of-the art surgical suite.  What's more, with their comprehensive team approach to dentistry, their patients enjoy the added benefit of having their general dentist and all relevant specialists on site, working together to accomplish their necessary treatment in one consolidated visit.

Don't let fear stop you from receiving the quality, comprehensive dental care you deserve.  Call 561-498-0050 to schedule a complimentary consultation, or visit them on the web at to inquire about how they can help you conquer your fear and realize your optimal dental health.