Fitted cap captures 440k gal of oil

DESTIN, FL (WFLX) - Some progress was made over the weekend containing thousands of gallons of oil spilling from the ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP says it has been able to capture 440,000 gallons of oil after securing a fitted cap on the well last week that has been siphoning oil from the sea floor to a surface vessel floating above.

But, it's estimated close to 800,000 gallons are leaking into the gulf daily.

BP chief executive Tony Hayward said he hopes a second containment system will be in place by next weekend.

Admiral Thad Allen, the top federal official in charge, says frustration continues to build. "We are making the right progress. I don't think anybody should be pleased as long as there is oil in the water."

Governor Charlie Crist says protecting the pristine beaches of the Panhandle is a priority. "We were disappointed that it came on the beach at all, but able to clean it up fairly rapidly. What is much more difficult is what we have seen in Louisiana. When it gets into the marshes and the estuaries, once it gets in there, it is very difficult to clean up."

Admiral Thad Allen meets with President Barack Obama in Washington Monday where he will also brief cabinet members on the response to the oil spill.

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