WPB family grieving after toddler killed by mom's SUV

By Lynn Gordon - email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A local family is in unimaginable pain after a 3-year-old girl is accidently killed by her own mother.

"We heard just everybody horrifically screaming, and all this noise going on at this house here," described a neighbor.

Monday morning, tradegy struck at a home on Dogwood Road in suburban West Palm Beach. Three-year-old Miranda Bravo was accidentally killed after her mother backed up and ran her over by her SUV.

The little girl was at her grandparent's house for a party when the drama unfolded about 8:20 Sunday night.

Miranda's mother was parked on the swail in front of the home. Investigators say she got into her vehicle to back up. That's when her 3-year-old ran out of the house.

"Every time she saw her mom get in the car, she would run after her," said the girl's grandfather, Alberto Bravo. He was on the phone with Florida Power and Light when he heard the screams.

A severe rainstorm had knocked out electricity to much of the neighborhood. "I didn't see anything. I was on the phone with FPL. All I heard was screams, and I came out running, and, already, the little girl was on the ground, and my wife was on the ground, too," Bravo described.

When Bravo ran out, it was too late. Neighbors say the little girl was trapped under a rear wheel. "The lady, whoever did it, the mama was outside screaming horrifically," said a neighbor.

"I think the person, who was driving the car, reversed, and then went forward and hit the girl and threw her," said Bravo.

Miranda was rushed to St. Mary's Medical Center, but her injuries were too severe. The family now is just trying to cope with this tragic accident.

"Be careful with kids, and, every time, you go to get in your car, make sure there are no kids surrounding the car before you leave."

The 3-year-old's grandmother fell and hurt herself during the ordeal. She was also transported to St. Mary's Medical Center where she is still recovering.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's officials are investigating the accident, but, investigators say, it is unlikely charges will be filed.

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