Child fund raises for cancer patients while also fighting disease

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

Wellington, FL (WFLX) - A 14-year-old Wellington girl continues her fight against Leukemia, and instead of feeling sorry for herself, she's working to make life better for other kids who are sick.

Courtney Wolfe was diagnosed with the disease about a year ago and she's now getting treatment at Brooks Rehabilitation center in Jacksonville.

During the past year, she's been hospitalized about 100 times, become paralyzed and lost one of her friends to cancer. Despite that, Courtney is now working to raise money to build an outpatient cancer center for kids to reduce the risk of getting sick while getting treatments at hospitals.

"If I got that built, I would just be so happy because I know it will help millions and millions of kids and not just me."

"For the battle she's fighting, the treatment she's going through and what's happened to her little body, to see her turnaround and share her wish to making things happen for kids is unspeakable. It's humbling. It makes me very proud to know Courtney Wolfe."

Courtney is trying to raise 6 million dollars to build the outpatient cancer center. She's doing so by asking for donations.

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