Perturbed patient assaults in Port St. Lucie

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - A patient is told to reschedule his appointment. That's when police say he got mad. "He became very upset and very belligerent and started taking office furniture, using lots of profanity, then he left."

Staff at this Port St. Lucie doctor's office say Donald White was throwing clipboards and screaming. Then he left the building.

Other patients and staff ran outside to see where Donald White was headed. They say they saw him drive off, then reverse and start running inside.

"The nurse did lock the door to prevent him from getting in. He did continue to bang on the door. All the patients went to another part of the office," said one witness.

Officers searched for Donald White and finally found him at home. He admitted he was at the office and was frustrated with the staff. He admits yelling, but he denied saying he had a gun and denied threatening to shoot anybody.

Numerous witnesses said they heard White say he had a gun.They all stated they feared for their lives. For that reason, Donald White was charged with aggravated assault.

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