With new law in place, Florida puts on her poker face

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

(WFLX) - A new month will bring nearly 300 new laws across the state Thursday. One of them, no limit poker games at nearly two dozen poker rooms statewide.

The law lifts the maximum $100 buy-in for cash games, now making the buy-in unlimited. The change means new money into the state and new jobs.

For example, the Palm Beach Kennel club has already hired 25 new dealers. The Poker Room's hours are also expanding to accommodate more players.

"They've taken the handcuffs off Florida poker and we'll be able to play poker as its played in Vegas and AC and anywhere else throughout the world."

"I think its very good for our state, hopefully make some revenue and make some jobs."

Officials and players are also betting the change will attract professional poker players and TV tournaments to South Florida.

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