West Palm's Darbster restaurant is au natural

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - In the kitchen at West Palm Beach's Darbster restaurant, the quesadillas are on the flat top and orders of vegan hot wings are on their way out to customers.

"We are one of just a few vegan restaurants in South Florida that have made the commitment."

Executive Chef Seth Kirschbaum has a very personal and good reason why he chooses only to cook and eat all natural vegan foods. "I had my own food allergy problems, digestive disorders, mostly lactose intolerance."

After he made the switch to all natural, he says the problems stopped. You won't find any animal products or artificial ingredients in his kitchen. And so, naturally, he agrees with a new push by the Center for Science in the Public Interest to push the Food and Drug Administration for a ban on some of the most commonly used food dyes.

The study called " Food Dyes A Rainbow of Risks" claims the dyes increase the risk of cancer, cause severe allergic reactions, and hyperactivity in children.

We found the Berman family dining at Darbster. They say they learned all about the hyperactivity after giving their daughter a popular child medication laced with red dye.

"She would get crazy and just be running around the room and I couldn't figure out what it was."

They eventually determined the problem was the dye. And after switching to a dye free medicine, the problems stopped.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association rebuffs the claims that the dyes are unsafe and say most scientific evidence backs them up.

Still, Seth Kirschbaum is keeping them out of his kitchen. "Honestly the best answer is common sense. Think about it. It's unnatural."

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